EVA’s August 5, 2017 Chapter Meeting

Has the hectic pace of beach trips, barbecues and summer vacation taken a toll on your writing time?

As we hit the Dog Days of summer, why not come and join East Valley Authors’ members and friends for a summer write-in, and reboot your muse! We’ll meet from 10:15 until 2 p.m. at the Azusa Public Library, but instead of a workshop speaker, we’ll have tables set up for brainstorming, mini-critiques, and just plain writing. And we’ll have power strips for your laptops and snacks!

Bring your synopsis, your blurb, your query, and any other braindoodles for input from fellow authors. Guests are most welcome!

Come Join Us!

Our regular meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Azusa Public Library beginning at 10:15, with an optional critique session immediately following. Come join us for a meeting, visitors are welcome! The Azusa Public Library is located at 729 N Dalton Ave, Azusa, CA 91702.

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