Meet EVA Treasurer, Diane Benefiel

Meet our Board and Members

This post continues our monthly feature to introduce you to the Board and members of East Valley Authors, a chapter of Romance Writers of America. This week we’re introducing our Treasurer, multi-published Romantic Suspense author, Diane Benefiel.

EVA – What Would I Do Without You?

I still remember driving to my first EVA meeting. My map was open on the passenger seat, I didn’t know how formal the chapter was so I dressed up a little, and being an introvert, I was nervous. Imagine my relief when I arrived and found a friendly, nurturing group of writers JUST LIKE ME.

Conversations swirled around exciting topics for the newbie. Should I try the traditional publishing path, or go indie? Get an agent – yes or no? Is it possible to balance work, family, and writing? (It is.)

I was hooked. That first day members encouraged me to register for the inaugural California Dreamin’ Conference, which I did. EVA helped me prepare for the conference, and I was ready. For the first time ever, I pitched to editors and agents – and they all asked to see my work!

Within a year of joining EVA I had a contract to publish my first book, and have published a book every year since then. I couldn’t have accomplished that without the support and friendship offered by the wonderful ladies at EVA.

Solitary Man

My latest release is Solitary Man, a contemporary romantic suspense. Here’s a blurb:

My wife is in danger, take care of her. Caught in a Taliban ambush, Sgt. Ryder Bronson makes a promise to his dying friend. Ryder will keep an eye on Brenna McMurtrey, but he’ll do it from a distance. He’d lost his heart to her long before – just one more weight in his load of guilt. But the police shooting of an unarmed migrant, cars speeding dangerously toward Brenna, and repeated break-ins at her house force him to abandon his hands-off policy.

Brenna is reeling, blindsided by her strong attraction to Ryder. She’d loved her husband, so how can the emotions Ryder pulls from her be so intense? A rogue cop kidnaps Brenna, forcing her and Ryder to work together. They must come to terms with the past if there’s any hope of a future together.

Find Diane at:

The East Valley Authors’ Chapter is made up of a wonderful group of writers who have a vast and varied knowledge of the writing world. So take some time and treat yourself  to the best kept secret in Southern California. Your first meeting is free.

Come Join Us!

Our regular meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Azusa Public Library beginning at 10:15, with an optional critique session immediately following. Come join us for a meeting, visitors are welcome! The Azusa Public Library is located at 729 N Dalton Ave, Azusa, CA 91702.

Our next meeting is May 6, 2017 featuring Cami Brite, of Brite Designs. Find more information here.


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