Sign up for East Valley Authors’ Annual Writing Retreat

This year we’ll hold the annual EVA Retreat on June 3, 2017, at the historic La Casita del Arroyo in Pasadena, California. Put this date on your calendar, because our presenter will be the fabulous Chris Marie Green, who’ll lead two workshops:
“Pied Piping the Muse: An Interactive Music Brainstorming Session”
Do you ever find yourself at a creative standstill, needing to “fill the well,” but lacking the inspiration to do so?  By using music as a tool for creation, Chris Marie Green (AKA Crystal Green) will help you to conjure up a story premise or enliven a scene that’s dead on arrival.   You’ll be going into deep brainstorming territory, using a serious focus on music to stimulate your neurons and shake up that creativity, so get ready to roll!
“From Small Town, Texas, To A Colony On Mars: World Building For Whatever You’re Writing”
Whether you’re constructing a paranormal setting full of were-creatures, bringing to life a fictional, quirky, small-Texas contemporary town, or pulling together the details of a historical, world building is a skill that will make your story come alive.  In fact, Chris Marie Green has found that piecing together the environment that your characters inhabit is her favorite part of writing a book; it’s an ongoing, flexible, “living” process that reaches beyond brainstorming and can shape the story and characterization going forward.
By the end of the day, you should have the framework and inspiration for a new story!
Chris Marie Green and her alter ego Crystal Green have written eighty works in total. “Chris Marie Green” writes everything from hot contemporary romance to new adult to thrillers to paranormals. Some of her series include Rough and Tumble, Aidan Falls, Final Girls, and Vampire Babylon. RITA nominated “Crystal Green” writes “sweet” romance, namely the Heroes of the West historical Western series for Debra’s Holland’s Montana Sky Kindle Worlds series. 
Registration for the retreat is $50 and includes a boxed lunch from Corner Bakery. Here’s how to register:
RWA members, log in to myRWA and go to
Here are the lunch choices: 

1) Corner Bakery Cafe Signature Salad – Spinach Sweet Crisp

Baby spinach tossed with freshly slices strawberries, oranges, red grapes, dried cranberries, green onions, creamy goat cheese and raisin pecan sweet crisps, drizzled with our homemade pomegranate vinaigrette. Includes freshly baked focaccia bread.
2) Corner Bakery Boxed Lunch – D.C. Chicken Salad Sandwich*
All natural chicken, green apples, currants, red onions, celery, mayo and toasted almonds with lettuce and tomatoes on steakhouse rye. 
3) Corner Bakery Boxed Lunch – Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich*
Roast Beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cracked pepper balsamic mayo on sesame bread.
*Sandwiches include: Corner Bakery chips, fresh seasonal fruit and freshly baked cookie
After registering, please email your lunch choice to 
Here’s that registration link again:

If you are not a member of RWA and would like to attend:

You are most welcome! Email us at and a board member will contact you with instructions.

Let us know if you have questions!
Mary Kozlowski
VP Communications

Meet EVA President, Kathy Lloyd

Meet our Board and Members

This post kicks off a monthly feature to introduce you to the Board and members of East Valley Authors, a chapter of Romance Writers of America. We’re starting with our President, Kathy Lloyd.

Hello Future EVA Chapter Members!

I’m Kathy Lloyd and the proud President of RWA’s East Valley Authors Chapter.

Many moons ago (6 years)  a friend  told me about a group of very nice romance writers who met at the Azusa Library.  The chapter contained traditionally published, indie published and unpublished writers so basically whatever route I wanted to go with my writing career they’d be able to point me in the right direction.

I was half way through the first book in my light Urban Fantasy series, Violet Gets the Blues, and was looking for a critique group to help me with plotting and world-building. I’d hit the dreaded ‘sagging middle’ that most first time writers run into and was getting very discouraged.  EVA’s wonderful critique group helped me make it to the finish line and beyond.

Here is a little blurb about my first book, Violet Gets the Blues:

Shape-shifting P.I. Violet Snow and her paranormal posse of friends and family hunt Angel City  for missing Element witches, whose sacrifice will send California crashing into the Pacific. Violet  is a polymorph shifter who can change into any animal she visualizes in her mind. But, there are drawbacks to her inherited ability.  She can only change into a white animal and without the animal’s usual camouflaged coloring, she’s very easy to spot by the bad guys. Plus, the larger the animal she shifts into the shorter amount of time she’s able to maintain that particular form.

Therefore, she’s naked–a lot.

The East Valley Authors’ Chapter is made up of a wonderful group of writers who have a vast and varied knowledge of the writing world. So take some time and treat yourself  to the best kept secret in Southern California. Your first meeting is free.

Come Join Us!

Our regular meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Azusa Public Library beginning at 10:15, with an optional critique session immediately following. Come join us for a meeting, visitors are welcome! The Azusa Public Library is located at 729 N Dalton Ave, Azusa, CA 91702.

Our next meeting is May 6, 2017 featuring Cami Brite, of Brite Designs. Find more information here.

EVA’s May 6, 2017 Meeting Workshop is Websites for Authors


Websites for Authors

Having a professional website is important for any author who is serious about her career. But the technology can be daunting, and at every turn there are articles about new trends or goals. And website design is not cheap. So what are the essentials, and how quickly can we can get back to the thing we really care about–writing? We’ll discuss a few simple rules of thumb for having a successful author website, and some tips to make it as painless as possible.

About our Workshop Presenter

Cami Brite grew up with a camera in one hand. In her other hand, there was usually a book. So it makes sense that her road led to the marriage of her two favorite things: images and books. At Brite Designs, she uses her photography background and visual structure training to create eye-catching book covers and graphics for authors. She most recently branded the California Dreamin’ conference as well as the California Readin’ event for readers, and maintains more websites than she wants to think about.

Come Join Us!

Our regular meetings are held the first Saturday of the month at the Azusa Public Library beginning at 10:15, with an optional critique session immediately following. Come join us for a meeting, visitors are welcome! The Azusa Public Library is located at 729 N Dalton Ave, Azusa, CA 91702.